Dhanushkodi Rameswaram

India travel guide – Getting around Rameswaram

If you choose to visit Tamil Nadu, you must not miss Rameswaram. This city holds a great importance to Hindu mythologies and religion on its own. I visited this place last year in August. It's recommended to travel India from October to April when the weather is milder. I don't know how harsh the temperatures … Continue reading India travel guide – Getting around Rameswaram

coffee morning

How to start a day to be more creative?

How to start a day feeling motivated and good about yourself? If you want to stay organised and productive, don’t let your thoughts slip into the wrong order. Morning is the best time for showing some gratitude. Each person is unique and may find their own way of starting a day, but this technique works … Continue reading How to start a day to be more creative?

Why is it sometimes healthy to stop?

There are reasons for resisting the constantly moving nature of our life. We have tons of everyday activities. The evenings and weekends are full of events and meetings and yoga and dance classes. We are always being pushed forward, somehow forced to keep going with the flow. Relaxing is almost a reason for guilt. Doing … Continue reading Why is it sometimes healthy to stop?

Top 10 paying websites to write for

Writing is a delightful process which seems like the only work to be performed each day to quench your need for self-realisation. After establishing your blog and striving for reaching the right audience, you find yourself lost. The more you write the further from fulfilment you are. Your words are falling down the drain, not … Continue reading Top 10 paying websites to write for

Madurai Temple

The temple of fish goddess

It is a sleepless city, full of life and people who work hard, shop and pray. Streets are always lively yet peaceful. Everything has it’s hidden order and flows in a calm stream of the big ancient city lifestyle. While travelling through Tamil Nadu, don’t miss this metropolis. Madurai belongs to the most charming ancient … Continue reading The temple of fish goddess


Why not to eat (so much) meat?

Vegetarianism and veganisn are becoming more popular and vegans are spreading their fanatic beliefs that humans are herbivores! So let’s take a closer look at this controversial issue. I have always been the who doesn’t join any side. I’ve always been somewhere in between. I don’t like being categorised, so I successfully stay away from … Continue reading Why not to eat (so much) meat?

Kanyakumari sea flag

The meeting point of 3 oceans

There is a town, at the end of Cardamom Hills, inhabited by 30.000 people, and welcoming other thousands of visitors each year, called Kanyakumari. What brings them so far? Maybe a spot from which both Sunrise and Sunset can be seen. Pilgrims come to worship Devi Kanya Kumari, the virgin goddess who gave the name … Continue reading The meeting point of 3 oceans

Life on the Rock

British overseas colony, situated in the south of Spain, bursting with tourists looking for adventure on the Rock or customers enjoying duty-free shopping in the city centre. Many economic benefits come from the free movement through Gibraltar – Spainish borders. ID check is just a formality these days. This land has it’s magic and shaken … Continue reading Life on the Rock

The true meaning of privilege

Privilege, the access, the amount of rights, our status, all those attributes are here to determine how we perform in life. Or not? We were born into certain situation, we grow up in cerain family, as part of certain social order and with certain given abilities or disabilities, social, mental or physical, more or less … Continue reading The true meaning of privilege